Welcome to Ifriky Pty Ltd, a uniquely diverse holdings company!

Our mission is to inspire and motivate youth in Africa and in the world through our work.

    We wish to improve various sectors in Africa through our subsidiaries.

    TellMee is our customer feedback platform designed for the convenience of even the smallest businesses on the continent

    MyLogz provides digital IDs and digital logbooks among other solutions for the convenience of each and every individual

    Expertsmode Exposes youth to as many fields of expertise as possible so that they stand a chance to discover their true passion

    TadaStuff is our online custom-cut suits store for men. We are working hard on a custom-cut suit solution for women coming soon!

We are also involved in a number of projects geared towards promoting a growth, entrepreneurial and innovation mindset among African youth

Give us a call at +27833415267 for any inquiry. For now, check out what we have for you in our online store!