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During my second year as a Physics undergrad student at the University of Buea in the Southwest region of Cameroon, one of my professors, Dr. Ebob Enow Joseph, sometimes shared his rather strange views on physics. He believed, for instance, that one could get enough fundamental understanding of one’s self through physics to alter one’s very genetic code by simply thinking it. To a young kid living in a country where the idea of witchcraft is prevalent, I have to admit this was scary. But when he mentioned the simpler things about life that one can learn from fundamental equations of physics, it got me thinking. I began to look at physics, maths, computer science (and just about everything I learned) differently. I started seeing some of the things one could learn by observing nature explained through physics. I realised there was much to learn, but it required a quiet mind. It required the ability to consciously silence what I believed I knew. It required observation and deep thinking. It required a different form of involvement than simply trying to understand the content of courses.

My mentor, Prof. Alain Moise Dikande, was the first to encourage me to pursue my ideas despite being called crazy. With his encouragement, I kept digging until eventually this concept became a part of me. I was (and still am) very involved in music. It was therefore only natural that this new way of thinking got applied to music. As I developed into a composer, music director and operatic tenor, I began to see how much more I could learn from music. Again it required a quiet mind and the observation of music principles in action during performances.

In this book I talk about silent lessons as taught by physics and music. I share some of the lessons I learn by being silent (learner), by observing the teachers (physics and music) at work, and by interacting with their tools (physics and music principles). My hope is to get you to think slightly differently about what you know. With a quiet mind, there is much more to learn. I use physics and music because I am crazy curious about physics and I am crazy passionate about music. Find your passion and as you pursue it, remember to take the time to slow down and silently learn in a way you have never learned before. You could be a high school student crazy about your science projects. You could be a university student really in love with your major course. You could be an accountant or an engineer or an artist, passionate about your trade. It does not really matter what you are passionate about. You have and are still spending a lot of time learning and perfecting your craft. Maybe you even teach this craft. I share what I learn when I let my passion teach me, and I hope my experiences lead you to want to do the same.