Welcome to TellMe

TellMe allows your customers to give you direct feedback on their experience of your business. Here is how it works:

You Register for FREE!!! Login after activating your account and you are ready to go from as many mobile devices as you need to collect customer feedback.

You add as many UNITS as your business needs. Example of Units: If you own cabs, each cab is a UNIT. If you have a restaurant chain, each restaurant is a UNIT. If you own a hotel, each room is a UNIT.

You add parameters for which you wish to have feedback. Ponctuality, Hygiene, Ambiance, ... whatever you feel will help you make your business better. We recommend single worded parameters.

Select a UNIT and a list of PARAMETERS for which you need customer feedback. We recommend a maximum of 3 parameters at a time.

Your customers will then be able to click on one of these three smileys to say if they:

Like your stuff,

Feel like pfff whatever,

Or if they are like Grrr #*@^%@ Grrrr

We collect the data for free and charge for the access and analysis thereof. Our rates are very competitive and are scaled with the number of units in your business.

Get Started With TellME!!!!